Frequently Asked Questions

What is iTunes U?

iTunes U is a service that lets universities deliver free, downloadable audio and video content through Apple's iTunes store.

What is YouTube EDU?

YouTube EDU is a section of dedicated to video channels developed by colleges and universities.

Why is The University of Iowa taking part in iTunes U and YouTube EDU?

Both iTunes and YouTube offer popular options for distributing audio and video to audiences around the world. The University has developed an iTunes U site and a YouTube EDU channel to support Iowa’s education, research, and service missions by publicly sharing selected institutional media content.

What kinds of content will I find through iTunes U and YouTube EDU?

At present, both these resources offer news, academic, and other content that’s available to everyone. This can include general information about University of Iowa people and programs, recordings of lectures or events, UI podcasts, historic or archival content, and more.

iTunes U offers the option of posting academic content that’s available only to campus users. To date, the University has not implemented that feature—anyone can access material on both iTunes U and YouTube EDU.

Do I have to pay for this content?

No—iTunes U content is free to preview and download. Likewise, there’s no charge for watching videos on YouTube EDU.

How do I access this content?

Go to the Using iTunes U or Using YouTube EDU pages to get started.

Do I need an Apple computer or an iPod to access iTunes U content?

No—Apple provides free versions of iTunes for both Macintosh and Windows computers. You must use iTunes to download content, but can use any application that supports .mp4 video or AAC audio files to play the downloaded files on your computer or mobile device.

How can I submit content to iTunes U or YouTube EDU?

Units throughout the University can use the UI iTunes U site or YouTube EDU channel to share content that supports the University’s education, research, and service missions. To learn more about these and other resources for distributing multimedia, visit the Sharing Content page.

What’s the difference between iTunes U and YouTube EDU?

iTunes U offers both audio and video content, while YouTube EDU focuses on video.

You can save content downloaded from iTunes U to your computer, or transfer it to a mobile device and take it with you. To view YouTube EDU content, you must be connected to the internet—in general, you can’t download YouTube videos.

iTunes U supports podcasts, regularly updated series of audio and video files to which users can subscribe. For University units that want to post multimedia content, iTunes U, YouTube EDU, and other options each offer their own capabilities and advantages. Learn more on the Sharing Content page.

Do I need to use the UI YouTube EDU channel for sharing my University unit’s content on YouTube?

No—in fact, colleges, departments, and programs are encouraged to establish standard YouTube channels if they determine that YouTube serves their goals, or to maintain YouTube channels they’ve already created.

Some of the content from these channels—or links to the channels themselves—may be featured on the central YouTube EDU page. To learn more about using YouTube, go to